dynaptive-works SPTM

web portal for managing conference presentations

dynaptive-works SPTM  enables profesional associations that organize conferences and other educational events to conduct all interactions with the speakers and presenters online. Speakers can register online and submit their biographies and presentation proposals. Proposals can be reviewed, rated and selected for the appropriate events. Presentation sessions can be scheduled. Attendee feedback can be obtained through surveys and incorporated into the speaker profiles.

With dynaptive-works SPTM, you are not locked into a rigid process. The system is configurable to fit your business processes today and adapt quickly to inevitable changes over time. This flexibility does not come at the expense of proper management control; you have complete control over who does what and who has access to sensitive information.

We are committed to delivering the best value to our clients regardless of their size and business complexity. We offer dynaptive-works SPTM  as a managed and hosted service (SaaS) option with no upfront investment cost to you.